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Fyfe – The Space Between (Review, Interview & Verlosung)

Am heutigen Freitag, den 09. Juni, erscheint das dritte Album des Londoner Musikers Paul Dixon aka Fyfe. Zum Release haben wir dem guten ein paar Fragen gestellt und verlosen auch gleich drei Alben unter euch.

2 Jahre ist es her, das Paul Dixon unter dem Namen Fyfe das Album „Control“ auf dem Markt schmiss. Jetzt kommt das das zweite Werk „“The Space Between“ und das klingt großartig! Die Single „Belong“ mit Kimbra läuft auf Ego FM seit Wochen rauf und runter und der Song „Love you more“ eignet sich bestens als Sommer-Hit und beantwortet auch endlich unsere Frage How Deep is your Love? Auch der Rest des Albums kann sich hören lassen. Ganz dicke Empfehlung von uns!

Unter dem Beitragslink auf FB verlosen wir 3 nagelneue Alben von „The Space Between“


How did the cooperation with Kimbra come about?
We’re fans of each other’s music and managed to get a few days in the studio together when she was in London. She’s an amazing writer and singer so it was a really fun time.

Why did you covered Ellie Golding before?
That was a long time ago! I used to cover a lot of artists before I decided to work under the name Fyfe. I really liked Ellie’s song ‘Under The Sheets’ so decided to have some fun with it.

What has changed since then?
A lot! I’ve grown up and made a couple of albums. I’m much more certain now of who I am as an artist, and as a result, much happier.

Do you go on tour?
I’ve toured a lot around Europe which has been really fun. Having said that, I think my favourite place is still in the studio.

What are your musical influences, what is your (musical) socialization?
I grew up playing classical music on the violin and only switched to guitar in my teenage years. I love music from lots of genres but I guess my favourite combination is when great song writing meets interesting and exciting production. I think that’s why my favourite album of all time is The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Do you know Nuremberg?
Sadly I’ve never been to Nuremberg!

If so, what is the first thing you think about?
Wanting to visit!

// Text: Jens Riedel / Fotos: Jens Riedel, Pressefreigabe //