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Gefragt: HONNE – die Zweite

HONNE ein drittes Mal interviewen? Ja! Und dieses Mal so von Angesicht zu Angesicht über den Dächern Hamburgs. Ein schöneres erstes Treffen hätte ich mir nicht vorstellen können!

HDIYL: So here we go again. Your debut album has been released, how does it feel, now that it’s finally out? Like your baby is born?

Andy: Yes a baby is born. It feels great! I don’t know, I’ve never given birth to a baby before.

James: It’s quite unlikely and impossible.

Andy: I know and I never will. Anyway we feel very proud and excited to have it finally out there in the world. It was two years in the making, pretty much. It’s nice to be able and play a gig, a whole bunch of songs and everybody knows what you’re playing.

James: It’s tough sometimes, when you play new songs and no one has ever heard them before. When they know the songs, there is a familiarity.

HDIYL: And they can sing along.

Andy: That’s great!

James: For a band putting the album out, it feels like the end. The final step. So you spend so much time in making it ready and you put it out and it feels like the end of it. But actually it’s kind of the start of really getting the album out there to the people. It’s a strange feeling.

HDIYL: You played a lot of shows in the last couple of months. Do you prefer playing on big festival stages or rather in small clubs?

Andy: I like the mixture. Sometimes festivals can be really really great and rewarding. Other times they can be hard work like if it’s wet. I mean we play it, because it’s a gig and a great opportunity to play in front of new people. Our own club shows, where everyone paid to be there and known us for a long time…

James: … Coming for us, drink something, have a little dance and just a good time…

Andy: … they are special. We love that. We’ve been across America – that was really fun. We will tour across Europe at the end of the year.

HDIYL: Oh really? So you’re coming to Germany as well?

James: Yes, we will and we will go to the U.K., Japan and South Korea.

HDIYL: That sounds like a world tour.

James: It’s half of the world.

HDIYL: Is there something you’re looking forward to after the festival season and after the US tour is over?

Andy: It sounds strange, but I’m looking forward to my bed.

James: There is a pizza place, near where we live. We go there quite a bit. That’s something we like to do and go there with all our mates.

Andy: It’s the best pizza in the world.

HDIYL: That is what you’re missing on tour?

James: The have a pizza called like the Indian food. It’s an Indian pizza with all sort of toppings, but it’s so good!

HDIYL: It sounds strange…

James: It does! It got banana on it, a little bit of yoghurt and mango chutney.

Andy: If you are ever near to Hackney – go there and try the pizza. They are called “Crate”.

HDIYL: I will go there the next time, when I’m in London. I watched a documentary and Andy was sitting while recording his vocals. You said that you like to do it that way. I was wondering if you would like to sit on stage as well. It looked quite comfortable.

James: I love sitting and playing the keyboards.

Andy: We do sometimes sit down on stage, for acoustic sessions. It is really nice. When I was recording the vocals, I was sitting in a chair and was really lazy. It definitely comes across in the performance. For the stage it needs to be a little bit more energetic. I guess standing up, dance a little bit, makes that happen. Maybe for the next album, I’m going to lay down in a bed and sing the vocals.

James: That will be good!

HDIYL: That will be interesting to see, when you have to be rolled on stage.

James: People might think you’re ill. You should wear a hospital gown.

HDIYL: Or you look like Cesar.

Andy: The bed turns towards the crowd and I just slightly raise up like Rihanna or Beyoncé.

HDIYL: You should think about this, when you are successful and can afford a bed on stage.

James: Maybe I can do the same with the keyboards. That would be great.

HDIYL: Coming to my last question! Of course I listened to Chance the Rapper, you recommended me the last time. What is your favourite song or album now? Anything I should listen to for the next interview?

Andy: It is Frank Ocean, isn’t it? Have you listened to it?

HDIYL: No, but I will. People told me that it is good.

James: It’s really good. My favourite song is “Good Speed”.

HDIYL: Ok, so for the next time, when we see each other, I will have listened to Frank Ocean.

Andy: Yes and we will keep telling you what to listen next.

Thank you very much for the interview!!

Ratet mal, wer am 01.12. bei dem HONNE Konzert in München anwesend sein wird? Richtig, ich! Ob Andy liegend auf der Bühne sein wird? Wer weiß, aber das werde ich da ja herausfinden. Meine Meinung hat sich seit dem letzten Interview nicht großartig verändert. Ganz im Gegenteil: So in natura sind die Jungs schon witzig und noch sympathischer. Ein wahrlich schönes, lustiges und entspanntes Interview!

/ Text: Matilda Pfeil / Bild: Warner Music /