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Gefragt: Kakkmaddafakka

Meine Liebe zu Kakkmaddafakka gestand ich euch schon letztes Jahr, als ich sie zur MABADEMO kürte. Über ein Jahr später traf ich Axe und Pish zum Interview und ich sag euch, die Schwärmerei für die Jungs ist noch genauso stark, wie damals.

An einem Donnerstagmorgen saß ich also bei Kakkmaddafakka im Hotelzimmer und war so semi gut vorbereitet. So ehrlich bin ich, denn so spontan kam auch die Interviewanfrage rein. Ich zögerte nicht lange sagte zu und merkte, dass ich bis zum Termin es nicht schaffen würde, mir ihr neues Album „Hus“ anzuhören. Egal, denn eigentlich machte es genau diese Kleinigkeit zu einem spannenden Interview. Denn wir sprachen über ein Album, dass ich nicht kannte, nur Axe und Pish kennen es in und auswendig und erzählten mir etwas darüber. Danach war ich angefixt und hörte es mir sofort an.

Jetzt aber erstmal das Interview, denn ich weiß jetzt was „Hus“ bedeutet, warum man auf alle Fälle zu einem der Konzerte nächstes Jahr kommen sollte und was bei den Jungs noch so in der Pipeline steht, gibt es jetzt:

HDIYL: Your new album is called „Hus“, what does it mean?

Axe: It means “Haus”.

HDIYL: Ah, that easy. Is it Norwegian?

Axe: Yes, it’s also the same in Swedish and Denmark.

HDIYL: Cool, so I can say “Haus” in Swedish and Norwegian. That makes so much sense, because you recorded the album in a house, why and how did it inspire you?

Axe: It was a lot of fun and a new experience for us.

Pish: It’s in the title, it meant a lot the house. So it was very special to get into a house instead of a tiny studio, where you have not enough time or someone has to go home earlier.

HDIYL: So it was more laid back?

Pish: Definitely. A great working situation!

HDIYL: Was it a special house?

Axe: It is a special house. This house is on the heritage list of Bergen. You can’t do anything with it, because it’s from a very special architect and it looks special too. We were very lucky to be in there and there is a big grand piano in it. Very bohemian like.

HDIYL: And where did you find it?

Axe: It’s actually our neighbour. Me and Pish have grown up in this area and I live there now. We’ve always seen this house and didn’t know we could go inside.

HDIYL: Wow, that’s cool! Did you live there during the album production?

Axe: No, the professor, Edward, lives there. He’s running the house in a way. He loves cool stuff.

HDIYL: Nice, so you were sort of roommates during that time.

Axe: It was like that! They were having their morning coffee and Pish and I would join them or sing in the next room.

HDIYL: I can imagine this and I like the idea to record an album in a house instead of a studio.

Pish: Yeah, you easily get more into a vibe, because there’s already a vibe in the house, people going around are “viby” and there’s no stress. Because there are people living in this house, so you’re automatically calmer.

Axe: Even my dog was allowed to be there, which was really nice.

HDIYL: You did the whole album production on your own. Why did you do that? Didn’t you find right producer to work with?

Axe: We still have a producer Allan, he is a good friend from us and a mentor. We also quite good at producing and we don’t need help. It was the first time we didn’t have a producer and it was fun for me and Pish to be in charge of ourselves. You always try something, don’t you?

HDIYL: That’s true! A lot of people said about your last album “KMF”, that it seems your music became more mature. Do you agree and is your new album going in the same direction?

Axe: They will probably say this. You know, for us it’s hard to see the change. We just live it and trying to make albums in a way, we even did better than in the last time. It’s a piece of work, which is meant to listen to it at once. These days it’s all the same. I’m a little bit tired of that. I love albums and to get ten songs and listen to it in a period and maybe it becomes a classic. When we make an album it’s hard to do it just in one way. You want to be it harmonic. It needs some fast and slower songs.

HDIYL: Like a good story with ups and downs.

Axe: Right, that’s what we tried to do. Maybe that’s mature. I don’t know.

HDIYL: Would you recommend me to listen to the album at once?

Axe: Yeah, I think you will like it.

HDIYL: Great, I will do it. I’ve read in your press text, that the other band members are singing on album, was it their decision?

Pish: They wanted to sing as well! It was very natural. It gets boring, if only Axe and I were singing the whole time. It’s fresh and cool that someone new is coming in.

HDIYL: Can someone, who hasn’t heard the others singing, recognise them?

Axe: On song number 10, Kristoffer is singing.

HDIYL: Ok, now I’m really excited to hear the album!!

Axe: There aren’t many people, who have the opportunity to interview the band without listening to the album before.

HDIYL: Good, that you’re saying this! Because yesterday I had the feeling, that it isn’t very professional to go to the interview and haven’t listened to it.

Pish: It’s totally good!

HDIYL: By the way, I like what you’re doing on Facebook. You have these two interview formats called „Under the Skin“ and „Nature in Nature“, what is the idea behind it? It’s a good and funny way to communicate with your fans.

Axe: It’s just, we want to be cool guys. The more cool stuff you do, the cooler you become. I’m thinking of making a talk show called “Talking with Manhattan”. I would charge people to come and talk to me. Whatever they want to talk about.

HDIYL: Good idea! Do you want to do it as a podcast?

Axe: No, live.

Pish: We’re also working on a new series called “Out the closet”. I’m the producer. We check out the fashion and style of the band and the meaning behind outfits.

HDIYL: Would you do makeovers?

Pish: No, not planned.

Axe: I could help a fan. You see, we have a lot of projects in the pipeline.

HDIYL: You’re coming to Germany next year. Is there a funny story, happened the last time you were here? And are you looking forward to it?

Axe: Always! Germany is our favourite country! It’s the best country to tour in. We have the most fun here. The people are fantastic, the food is good, not to late shows. We’re going to Spain next week and play a concert, which starts at 3:30 at night. It’s really late! In Germany our shows start at nine.

HDIYL: You know, Germans are always on time and well organised.

Pish: … and you’re so polite!

HDIYL: Maybe you have to put this information in your rider that you want to be on stage on time and earlier. Like the German way.

Pish: We tried this in Spain before, but it didn’t work. And in Norway we started an hour later, because the people didn’t show up.

Axe: We had a sold out show and it was supposed to start at ten o’clock. It was mentioned on the poster. We started not before 11:30. The people knew, if they don’t come, then we can’t start.

HDIYL: Wow, that’s mean. You have to wait for your audience and usually it’s the other way round.

Axe: That’s not the way it should be! If you’re not on time, then you’re missing out.

HDIYL: How did it come that Helmik is singing „What Is Love“ in the end of every show?

Axe: He has a new song…

HDIYL: Please don’t tell me! Was it his idea to sing the song?

Axe: It’s was our idea to sing the “What is Love” and he sings it very well! He’s probably the best singer in the band.

Pish: We give him time to shine.

HDIYL: Coming to my last question: What’s your favourite song or album at the moment? Normally everyone has to check their Spotify at first…

Axe: I don’t have to check. I know what I like at the moment – it’s the new War On Drugs album and The Frightners.

Pish: A great Reggae band. I also listened to Kodak Black “Project Baby 2” and to Susanne Sundfør.

Ash: To be honest, I was very inspired by her and I tried to sing like her on the new album. It must be on song number 2.

Thanks a lot for this fun interview!

Ihr könnt es fast erahnen, ich war natürlich sehr gespannt mir danach das Album anzuhören. Wie ein Flitzebogen konnte ich es kaum abwarten und als ich vom Interview wieder daheim ankam, drückte ich auf Play und nahm mir die Zeit „Hus“ mir ganz in Ruhe anzuhören.

Wer auf Titel wie „Restlesse“ oder „Someone New“ wartet, der wird vielleicht enttäuscht werden, denn ähnlich wie „KMF“ wirken die Jungs aus Bergen in der Tat reifer. Obwohl sie ihren Lausbubencharme gar nicht verloren haben. Der wurde nachmittags beim Radiokonzert bei FluxFM wieder zum Besten gegeben. Der perfekte Teaser für ihre kommende Tour im Februar.

Was mir an „Hus“ so gut gefällt, es macht den Anschein, als würde man mit den Jungs älter werden und wachsen. Sie nehmen einen mit in ihre kleine Welt bzw. in ihr Haus. Ihr Texte sind teilweise genauso mit einem Augenzwinkern geschrieben, wie die alten, nur ist die Musik etwas gediegener.

Man kann es so sagen, „Hus“ wird gehört, bevor es in den Indie Club eures Herzens geht und wenn ihr dann da seid, dann kommen die alten Lieblinge und trotzdem passt alles zusammen.

/ Text: Matilda Pfeil / Bild: Pressefreigabe /