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Geschmacksfragen: Ant Enoch

LoFi-Bedroompop-Musiker Ant Enoch aus dem wunderschönen Sydney in Australien, hat am 17. Mai seine autobiografische Debüt-EP „Big Talk Big Party“ veröffentlicht. Entstanden ist die EP in einem DIY-Studio im Hinterzimmer einer Matratzenfabrik im australischen Bankstown, einem Vorort von Sydney, und im Berliner Riverside Studio. Mit seinen Singles ist er bei uns auch schon in der Neuen Musik Rubrik aufgetaucht. Jetzt hat er unsere Geschmacksfragen beantwortet.

Your current favourite Song?

Mk.gee – Riley & I
I love the feeling in this song so much. There’s textures across the whole recording that just keep me leaning in deeper and deeper. There’s this nostalgia caught up in the songwriting that keeps pulling me back in!

Your current favourite record?

Sampha – Lahai
There’s so many layers to this album but overall, there’s an ease in which Sampha sings from. A kind of authenticity and resonance in what he’s saying. Some level of humanity that translates so perfectly across these songs. I’m constantly drawn in and wanting to have this record on way too loud.

Your favourite place?

Otford, NSW – Australia
I’ve spent some beautiful time in this small little town, nestled up on top of an escarpment and only 40 mins from Sydney. With Boobok Owls calling every night and some of the oldest trees in NSW, I could just spend days in this place x

Your favourite drink?

Gin Martini (dirty af)
This is always my staple drink wherever I go. And it makes me feel fancy when really deep down, I’m not fancy at all.

Your favourite food?

Pizza. Do I really need to explain? Surely my people out there get me on this one x

What you’d like to read about yourself but hasn’t been written about you yet?

I’ve just been invited to be a board member for Sea Shephard. A not for profit ocean conservation group that helps spread awareness and runs expeditions to some of the most unpoliced and over fished areas of our oceans.

Thank you for the Answers!

// Text: Jens Riedel / Bilder: Ant Enoch (by: xingerxanger, Maxwell Finch, James Smithers, Brae Fisher) //