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GEFRAGT: The Districts

Wir haben heuer nicht nur die Liveshow von den Districts auf dem Melt! Festival begutachtet, sondern gleich auch noch ein stilles Wasser mit dem Schlagzeuger Braden und dem Bassisten Connor getrunken. Ob stille Wasser tief sind ? Nun, vermutlich so tief wie veraltete Floskeln.

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HDIYL: What was the questions you have been never asked by someone in an interview, but you always wished to?

Connor: That one. Maybe “Describe our pets, or what pets we’ve had?”

Braden: Yes, talk about your dogs.

HDIYL: Alright, what dogs do you have?

Braden: I have a golden retriever, named Roxy, about five years old, very playful, kind hearted, loves to play hide and seek, eats left over lunch meat, that my dad doesn’t want.

HDIYL: And your dog, Connor?

Connor: My dog is an Australian cattle dog, its name is Dessy, she’s about four years old, about forty-five pounds and that’s it, she’s really crazy, really loud bark, but I love her.

Braden: My dog can kick her ass!

Connor: Yeah, that happened.

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HDIYL: Apart of your dogs, what is your favourite book at the moment?

Braden: I’m reading George Saunders right now. He’s a short story writer, pretty much any of his books are one of my favourite things I’ve ever read. So my recommendation is, George Saunders, go and get him.

Connor: I’m reading two books right now. Once called “Blindsight” by Peter Wats and I’m reading “Crime and Punishment” by Dostojewski, just really good too.

HDIYL: How would you describe the last ten years on earth, in just a few words? 

Braden: From rags to riches, from dusk till dawn, men and women together under the sun, what will happen? Who knows? We’ll find out by next time around.

HDIYL: Alright, I think we shouldn’t add something or do you want to add something, Braden?

Connor: I just say pretty boring until these last two year, or three years.IMG_3020

HDIYL: What is your first thought about Melt! Festival?

Braden: Steampunk style… No it’s awesome. There’s the lake and it was raining, when we got here. And it’s nice with the cranes and disco balls.

HDIYL: And if you had to choose between sex, drugs and Rock’n’Roll, what would be your first choice?

Connor: Druuuuugs. (laughing)

Braden: I’m going to go with Rock’n’roll, so my mum doesn’t…. Yeah definitely Rock’n’Roll.

HDIYL: Sure?

Braden: Yeah were abstinent and sober, but we love to rock, and I never touched a girl in my life.

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HDIYL: Last Question: how does money relate to creativity?

Braden: Over the past few months, we have been looking, to get day jobs, when we were not on tour. So when we’re at home – we haven’t been that much, because we were touring, like 9 months out of the year – Now, when we’re at home, we don’t have to do things like, work at a coffee shop or something, if we want to practice or do something creative, we have the time.

Connor: Money gives you more time, for other things. You don’t really need it to be creative. As long we can pay the rent – everything is fine.

Braden: With money you could get more instruments like better, cooler stuff to make art with, but it’s not necessary.

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// Text & Pictures: Leo Zimmermann //