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Geschmacksfragen: Nathan Ball

Am 20. August erschien das Debüt-Album „Under The Mackerel Sky“ des britischen Indie-Pop-Künstlers Nathan Ball. Wir haben ihm passend dazu unsere Geschmacksfragen gestellt.

Your current favourite song (and why)?

Runner Ups by Kurt Vile. It just has this incredible vibe to it, it feels kind of nostalgic and melancholic but also like he’s singing to just you. Kurt Vile has this way of kind of hypnotising you with his guitar melodies and his lyrics and this song for me is just the perfect road trip song.

Your current favourite record (and why)?

I’ve been listening to Life & Love by Skinshape on repeat recently. I got the vinyl for my birthday recently and it’s been on non stop in the house. His production and songwriting just blows my mind. It always feels like it transports me to a kind of speak easy somewhere in Latin America.

Your favourite place?

Tough one, but I’d say Cornwall. I count myself so lucky every day to live here by the sea surrounded by the most beautiful beaches, villages, pubs and people. It’s a truly magical place.

Your favourite drink?

Tribute. It’s the local beer down here and I truly believe the best beer in the world.

Your favourite food?

A sourdough pizza… you can’t beat it in my eyes!

What you’d like to read about yourself but hasn’t been written about you yet?

Nathan Ball is headlining the pyramid stage at Glastonbury.

Thank you for the Answers!

Im Dezember wird der gute für ein paar Shows in Deutschland sein. Und ein Mini-Doku über sein Album ist auch seit ein paar Tagen auf youtube:

// Text: Jens Riedel / Bilder: Nathan Ball (by: Jimi Herrtage & Theo Cottle) //