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Geschmacksfragen: Varley

Das Berliner Indie-Pop Trio Varley hat am 17. September ihr Debüt-Album „Smalltalk & DMCs“ veröffentlicht. Die Band besteht aus der in Dublin geborenen Claire-Ann und den beiden deutschen Joschka Bender und Matthias Heising. Das komplette Album wurde während des ersten Lockdowns in Berlin geschrieben und aufgenommen. Ein paar der Singles haben wir euch hier schon in der „Neuen Musik“ Rubrik vorgestellt. Jetzt hat uns die Band unsere Geschmacksfragen beantwortet.

Your current favourite song (and why)?

Claire-Ann: What You Did by Mahalia feat. Ella Mai. I first heard an acoustic version of this with just vocals and bass and I fell in love with her voice. The lyrics are also incredible, I love how honest she is.

Matze: Kiss Me More // Doja Cat feat. SZA love the vibe and the video

Joschka: Tuk Tuk // Ätna & Solomun – Just a fun tune

Your current favourite record (and why)?

Claire-Ann: I’m currently loving Jhené Aiko’s tiny desk home concert. Such a vibe, and her vocals are just incredible.

Matze: Currently listening to Tim Christensen’s record “Secrets On Parade”. Amazing singer songwriter

Joschka: Currently really liking Alice Phoebe Lou’s record “Glow”. Such a vibe, and great songs and vocals.

Your favourite place?

Claire-Ann: I’ve always been fascinated by New York. We got to take a trip there a few years back and we filmed a DIY video for our song “Proof”, now anytime I hear that song it takes me back to New York.

Matze: Forest // Enjoying the silence

Joschka: Joshua Tree // Amazing sunsets and clearest night sky

Your favourite drink?

Claire-Ann: I am pretty indecisive, so it’s hard to pin down my absolute favourite drink or food but peach mimosas remind me of being with my best friends at home in Ireland, so let’s say a peach mimosa!

Matze: Latte Macchiato // Most delicious Coffee

Joschka: Water all the way

Your favourite food?

Claire-Ann: It’s so hard to choose just one, especially when living in Berlin, as we are quite spoiled for choice here but if I had to choose then maybe a veggie thali with some malabar parotta or some veggie dumplings.

Matze: Avocado smash // Every Morning, perfect start to the day

Joschka: Almost everything. In the summer a good tomato salad

What you’d like to read about yourself but hasn’t been written about you yet?

“Varley sell out the Olympia Theater” – It’s my favourite venue in Dublin, so that would be pretty nice!

Thank you for the Answers!

// Text: Jens Riedel / Bilder: Varley (by: Jen Krause & Lottie Turner) //