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Geschmacksfragen: Chris De Sarandy

Der 24-jährige Brittische Singer/Songwriter mit der großartigen Stimme Chris De Sarandy hat 2022 seine ersten Singles als Solokünstler veröffentlicht. Musik macht er bereits, seit er 14 ist, damals noch als Teil einer Indie-Band, wo er schnell gemerkt hat, das er lieber auf Solopfaden unterwegs ist. Wir wollen ihn euch mit unseren Geschmacksfragen ein bisschen besser vorstellen und sind uns sicher, dass man in Zukunft noch viel von ihm hören wird.

Your current favourite song?

ROLE MODEL – forever&more.
I actually didn’t know about this track until my first evening playing fifa 23. Instantly shazammed and had on repeat. Lyrically and melodically the first verse is so fire.

Your current favourite record?

Fred again.. – Actual Life 3. Fred’s a genius. I love how all of his albums are literally diaries of his life reflected in each song.

Your favourite place?

The studio. Doing what I love most. I would have said my bedroom as that’s where a lot of songs start but I’ve just moved to Berlin and my room is 8sqm, lol.

Your favourite drink?

I have 2 depending on the time of day. Cappuccino and lager. First one to wake me up and the second to put me to sleep..

Your favourite food?

Southern fried chicken. Ideally chicken shop wings that we have back home (London).

What you’d like to read about yourself but hasn’t been written about you yet?

How I write a lot of music in my boxers. It brings the best out of me.

Thank you for the Answers!

// Text: Jens Riedel / Bilder: Chris De Sarandy (by: Danny Jungslund) //