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Geschmacksfragen: Boy Destroy

Der schwedische Newcomer Boy Destroy hat am 08. September seine EP „Pink Cloud“ veröffentlicht. Den Titeltrack „Selfish Lies“ wurde zusammen mit dem Shout Out Louds Leadsänger Adam Olenius geschrieben. Die Vorgänger EP „Warpaint“ erschien 2020. Und da das alles ganz fantastisch klingt, wollen wir euch den guten mit unseren Geschmacksfragen ein bisschen näher vorstellen.

Your current favourite Song?

quannic – snarky

Because it reminds me of Nirvana, I think. It’s not “please consume me”-bullshit like so many other artists nowadays. I respect it as a work of art and it just slaps beyond belief too.

Your current favourite record?

Post Malone – Stony

Certified classic. I’ve been relating to the lyrics of this a lot lately.

Your favourite place?

The studio. My safe space where nothing is impossible. The stage, where I connect with the world. My childhood home. It’s a place of wonder and sorrow. Also my apartment. Boring answer – yes, but C’mon, I spend most of my free time there (and I’m traveling all the time) so I need it to be cozy.

Your favourite drink?

I aways order lemonade when I am at bars and restaurants since I don’t drink anymore. Fanta is alright. Carbonated water? I sound like a boy scout.

Your favourite food?

Right now? Chocolate ball batter. We have this thing here in Sweden, it’s oats and coconut and sugar and butter. So I don’t make it into balls, I just make the batter and eat it with a spoon.

What you’d like to read about yourself but hasn’t been written about you yet?

I would love to read a nice, long piece about my voice, that would stroke my ego the right way. In all honesty we are all naked to the world and have very limited control over anything. Whatever someone wants to write about me: go ahead, it’s your choice.

Thank you for the Answers!

// Text: Jens Riedel / Bilder: Boy Destroy (by: Siri Westerberg, Olof Grind & Presse) //