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Geschmacksfragen: Ciao Lucifer

Indie-Pop aus Amsterdam liefern Marnix Dorrestein und Willem Wits alias Ciao Lucifer, die am 26. August ihr Debüt-Album veröffentlichen werden. 3 Singles sind mittlerweile schon veröffentlicht und die sind so gut, dass wir euch die beiden, die sich schon seit der Highschool kennen, unbedingt näher vorstellen möchten.

Your current favourite song?

Henry in Forever Phases by Luke Temple. We’ve been really into Luke recently. Great voice and sound, and the lyrics are superb. He sings these words so gently: “Abigail loves f*cked up faces”. We love those seeming opposites: a happy song with a darker layer underneath.

Your current favourite record?

sake sake sake by MY BABY. They’re a great band who rehearse in the same old factory as we do, in the West part of Amsterdam. The record feels like a complete club night, from getting dressed to coming home at eight in the morning. It really fits their live show as well – it’s always a party from start to finish. They’re a big inspiration for us.

Your favourite place?

The tour van. It’s our home on the road. We like to fill it to the brim with snacks, drinks and games. The nice thing about being a duo is that we have plenty of space to chill in the van, and our sound tech is great company too. Life seems really simple on the road: as long as we’re driving to the next gig, we’re gucci.

Your favourite drink?

Club-Mate probably takes the crown, a great German invention. We’re looking to try the original South-American version ASAP. We always see the South-American Ajax players drink that stuff and they always look very cosy with those special cups.

Your favourite food?

There’s a secret spot in the Red Light district which has absolutely stunning ramen and okonomiyaki. It’s on the top floor of a giant Asian supermarket where we love to buy ingredients for our hot pot.

What you’d like to read about yourself but hasn’t been written about you yet?

Honestly, it’s actually kind of funny how a lot of our reviews look quite similar. They always mention how much energy the music has, and then something about happy sunshine vibes, with darker and more serious layers in the lyrics. I guess that’s just what we do, but it would be really funny if someone would have a totally different interpretation, like: “Ciao Lucifer sounds like a rainy funeral, 1/10, would not

// Text: Jens Riedel / Bilder: Ciao Lucifer (by: Jantina Talsma) //