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Geschmacksfragen: Saveus

Der dänische Musiker Martin Hedegaard alias Saveus hat am 02. September sein Neues Album „Rainman“ rausgebracht. Der erste und erfolgreichste Gewinner des dänischen X-Factor hat mit seinem ersten Album, noch unter seinem richtigen Namen, über 180.00 Stück in Dänemark verkauft und auch schon auf dem großen Roskilde Festival gespielt. Seit 2015 macht er unter dem Namen Saveus Musik und wir haben ihm jetzt unsere Geschmacksfragen gestellt.

Your current favourite song?

Right now I really like “Bad Habits” by this guy, Steve Lacy! A Gritty, viby song about love. He really likes playing with a lot chorus-effect on the guitar. So much that it’s almost out of tune. I like that choice in the production. He’s very simplistic in his production, almost no reverb on anything. Nothing like me at all, haha, I put reverb on everything and makes everything go from “tiny” to “huge” throughout my songs journey, where he just keeps the vibe going. I listen to a lot of music that’s nothing like what I do, to see what I can learn from them.

Your current favourite record?

To this day I always come back to Demon Days by Gorillaz from 2005. I remember having this album on my wishlist for Christmas when I was 12. I didn’t know Gorillaz back then, I had only watched the music video for Feel Good Inc and really liked their visual universe. I always liked anime and such. I’ve listened to that album since. I love how they mix genres and play around with the composition. And I feel like I step into another universe. Like when I listen to Kids with Guns or Dirty Harry it’s like I’m on another planet.

Your favourite place?

Currently I really love my parents’ house where I grew up. It’s a very small town, you’ll probably only meet 4-5 people there if you go for a walk. I like going there for a couple of days between playing arena-shows and festivals. My life is changing a lot these days, I’m growing older and I have less time to see them. Sometimes it’s good to just step back into the bubble which is your childhood home.

Your favourite drink?

I am what people in Denmark would call a Weak-drinker, in danish “Svag-drikker”. I haven’t inherited any of the Viking drinking skills. I love a cold beer though.

Your favourite food?

Right now I really like my friend’s home baked sourdough bread. A pretty Danish thing but I think everybody would like it if they got a taste.

What you’d like to read about yourself but hasn’t been written about you yet?

I’m really looking forward to the day when someone makes a full analysis of any of my songs to see how and why they believe I made that song. It’s interesting to see how another human being interprets the feelings I’ve put down on words and onto the chords I’ve been playing, to look at the paths I’ve chosen and the ones I didn’t during the production process.

Thank you for the Answers!

// Text: Jens Riedel / Bilder: Saveus (by: Flemming Bo Jensen) //