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Interview mit Motorama – Before The Road

Mit „Before The Road“ ist am 29. Januar das neue und 6. Album der russischen Postpunk-Band Motorama erschienen. Über viele Jahre hinweg haben Motorama den gesamten Globus bespielt und waren auf unzähligen Touren auch in Europa unterwegs. Mit dem neuen Album endet nun erstmalig die französisch-russische Verbindung zwischen der Band aus Rostow am Don im Süden Russlands und ihrem französischen Label Talitres. Stattdessen haben Motorama ihr eigenes Label I’m Home Records gegründet, dessen Name nach einer Rückfindung ins heimische Rostow am Don anmutet. Das haben wir zum Anlass genommen, die virtuelle Verbindung nach Russland aufzubauen und Sänger Vlad ein paar Fragen zu stellen.

After all the years with your French label Talitres, you decided to start your own label a year ago. Why did you decide to take this step? What´s different now?

Vlad: We have spent eight wonderful years being signed on Talitres, but now it`s been time for us to move forward. So we decided to handle our label responsibilities by ourselves. That`s because we are interested in many label processes, we want to control most of the things. Firstly, digital release but maybe later we will produce physical items likes Vinyls, CDs, cassettes. Now we`re even more independent and we can invest our time in our own label.

In August 2020 you debuted your first single „Today & Everyday“ from your forthcoming album – how come it now didn´t appear on the album?

Vlad: „Today & Everyday“ is not on the album, because it was slightly different in terms of recording and the sound, so we decided to leave it like a single.

You produced the album during a pandemic. Did that also have an effect on the album? Your song ‚Voyage‘, for example, sounds to me like wanderlust during the lockdown.

Vlad: We had more free time at home for the recording and mixing and most of the songs were composed before pandemic in the end of 2019. We had demos for them. And as for the song „Voyage“: mostly it`s about missing people and a place, so it could be about Lockdown situation, but in general, it´s not about it. The song is about yearning and parting.

On your album „Before the road“ you often work with somehow nature motifs (e.g. stars, water) from my point of view. How come?

Vlad: Nature motifs are a huge part of our lifes, like the real beauty obviously. That`s the first album by the way, where we think and go slightly outside from the trees, hills and mountains up to the cosmical spheres: to the skies, sunsets, moonlights, stars and so on.

Wir sagen: vielen Dank für das Mini-Interview!

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