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Off-Topic-Session: Adi Ulmansky

עדי אולמנסקי

Wer ist Adi Ulmansky?

Adi Ulmansky tourte nicht nur dieses Jahr durch Deutschland, sondern teilte sich vergangenes Jahr auch mit Bilderbuch die Bühne. Die gebürtige Israelin imponiert einerseits durch die ständige Transformation ihrer Haarpracht, andererseits zeugen selbstfabrizierten Elektrobeats für ähnlich ausgefallene Statements. Ob die Antworten in der Off-Topic-Session ähnlich mannigfaltig waren?

HDIYL: What was the questions you have been never asked by someone in an interview, but you always wished to (and what would be the answer to that question)?

Adi Ulmansky: What do you consider yourself more, to be a singer or a producer? And my answer would have been -I totally consider myself more of a producer, not cause I don’t love singing, it’s just that for me it was always about the bigger picture – having a vision, a full story that you wanna tell (could be also just through sounds and vibe and not actual lyrics), but I wanted to create something raw and brave and dirty and to make it my own, so my voice is just another instrument in the mix, and totally not the main thing.

HDIYL: What is your favourite book?

Adi Ulmansky: Albert Camus – The Stranger, this book really moved me and even kinda shocked me in a way, it captures the apathy and numbness of this generation, and the absurd world that we live in. I think it was kind of the first time that I experienced reading a book that doesn’t define the ‚good‘ and ‚bad‘ characters, but allows the readers to look at moral from a total different perspective.


HDIYL: How would you describe the status quo on earth in just one sentence?

Adi Ulmansky: Like always. It’s the same ever since the beginning of man kind. (unfortunately).

HDIYL: Recommend one album, that you should hear, before you die.

Adi Ulmansky: Keith Jarrett – Köln Concert – the most inspiring and amazing piece of music that I have ever heard. It makes me feel so much without even having any vocals and lyrics. He’s a genius and this album is mind blowing.

HDIYL: Which political topic is currently underestimated?

Adi Ulmansky: I think that even though racism is getting more attention lately, it still doesn’t get enough, and it’s still kinda unbelievable to me that there’s so much of it all over the world in 2016. Of course i’m talking about all kinds of racism, towrads all sorts of minorities – it really makes me sick that people believe someone is worth less than them just cuz of his skin color/religion/whatever. It really just makes me sad.


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/ Text: Leo Zimmermann / Pictures: Shir Rosenthal /